Frequently asked questions


Q So where do you start?

A: That’s easy to answer, you contact Organic website design.

Q What information do I put on my web site?

A: As much as possible, give your potential clients & customers an insight into how you can help them. This is something that we will talk to you about once you contact Organic website design.

Q How do you design my web site?

A: Once you contact Organic website design, we will have a chat with you to gain an insight into what you & your company does, we will then come up with some web site design ideas to compliment you & your company.

Q How to I attract potential customers to my web site?

A: This is known as search engine optimisation (seo), Organic website design offer this as an option, but by putting the right information into your web site in the first place, will help potential customers find you on search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

Q How & where do I host my web site?

A: Organic website design can  host your web site for you, or if you wish we will place your web site on your own hosting server.

Q Do I need a domain name?

A: Yes, but don’t worry if you don’t have one, Organic website design can advise you on a domain name and purchase it for you on your behalf.

Q How much does it cost?

A: This really depends on how big a site you require, but a good guide would be £60 per page or file. For example if you just wanted a one page web site it would be £60, or a five page web site would be £300. Hosting is charged at between £50 & £150 per year depending on your web site needs. Search Engine Optimisation prices start from as little as £250.

Q Once my web site is finished how do I host it?

A: Organic website design offer a web hosting service or we can up-load your site to your own hosting provider.

Q What do you need from me to produce the site?

A: All information & content on your site is supplied by you, so we would asked you to supply as much information as possible ie: page content, pictures, Company logo etc.

Q How long does it take to get my site up and running?

A: Again this depends on the size of the web site you require, Organic website design can usually have the web site up and running within 2 weeks, most of the time even quicker, our biggest delay is waiting for customers to send us information.

Q Can my site be updated once it is up and running?

A: Yes, as time goes by you may wish to update or add extra pages to your site, Organic website design offer four updates to your site free off charge, after that we charge by the hour at £35 per hour, additional web pages are priced at £60 per page.

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